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Vaginal dryness is a health issue which may occur to females across all ages, but more popular among those nearing menopause, and occurs when the vaginal walls have inadequate fluids that cause pain and discomfort during sex. Among the indicators of this issue includes pain during intercourse, sore and itchy birth canal, bleeding vagina after sex and mild vaginal discharge. The following are the root causes of this problem.
Menopause is the most common cause of this condition where the woman feels pain during intercourse due to inadequate lubricating fluid produced when menopause approaches. This is caused by reduced estrogen level, which control the female body development, pregnancy behaviors and menstrual cycle. A way of curing this problem is through using hormone therapy, that adds to the amount of estrogen hormone in the body but this can result to cancerous infections as a side effect.
Previous treatment of Cancer through chemotherapy may result to hormonal changes where they destroy ovaries’ capability to produce the necessary amount of estrogen and progesterone for normal body function. Urogynecologist recommendation would have patients apply astroglide, surgilube or KY jelly as lubricating fluids, which are located at feminine hygiene and birth control sections of pharmacies.
The third cause of vaginal dryness is inadequate sexual arousal, whereby the woman takes more time and feelings to get aroused, either through natural body condition or due to psychological or emotional issues. According to urogynecologists, if the sexual partner has a poor sexual performance or early ejaculation, vaginal dryness may result because of reduced libido. Emotional connection with the partner and fore-sexual activities may help maintain the libido even when the partner has these conditions. Also, one should consider taking more vitamins for vaginal dryness such as Vitamin A and Vitamin B which are rich in Omega 3 which helps in increasing the vaginal fluid.
A solution to stress is meaningful and close interaction with a partner or psychological doctor.
Immune system disorders such as sjogren syndrome is another reason behind the problem. A solution to this syndrome are drugs, but a doctor’s examination and prescription is required.
Lastly, smoking tobacco may effect to this issue since it impact the level of blood flow in body tissues in which the vagina is part of. This can be solved by avoiding smoking and using lubricants before the body naturally recovers, with the doctor taking note of the progress.

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